Nissan Of Syria - We want your help we Nissan workers Syria implore you

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I want to explain some problems for Nissan in Syria

My name is: (n.j) and I work for Nissan in Syria in the maintenance department with the rank of (technical)

Maintenance department is the only one which I have not been shut owner of the company so far because of the events in Syria

The general situation is difficult for the living and life very difficult in Syria

We are still working on car maintenance

But we are faced with many problems by the company's owner, himself a general manager of the company name (Omar Shallah)


* I am not a documentary in the insurance two years ago

* Do not be distributed monthly salaries until further notice.

* Big discount of the monthly salary

* There is no administrative or management services for general corporate so interested in our problems >>>> director resigned because of security discount Monthly Salary

hr also resigned ......... administrative staff of the company did not come none of them for the company for months

* The provision of resignation of the company is is embarrassing for us >>>>> that the owner of the company does not give one the compensation payable to workers!!!!!

Therefore, I on behalf of my friends at work hope you solve this problem or to communicate with the owner of the company on the solution.

Review about: Rakha.

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